Best hostel in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a diverse city with a history as old as time itself and attracts the tourists all over the world. It has a unique design and architecture which dates back centuries. The cultural heritage of the city has been preserved through centuries and is a sight to behold, and hence, its popularity as a cultural and heritage city. Jerusalem has something for everybody; whether you are a backpacker, a tourist, wanderer or explorer, the city offers something to suit everyone’s taste.

The biggest hurdle which comes when you visit a city is where to stay. For budget travellers, hostels are the most convenient and reasonable option. There are many hostels in Jerusalem which you can find suitable according to your budget. But Post Hostel is the one who always comes on top of the list. Due to its stylish urban setting, and cozy environment which makes the traveller feel at home, Post Hostel is a popular choice among travellers of the kind, backpackers, wanderers, tourists and all others alike. They offer an eclectic blend of design, experiences, people and culture and attracts a large number of travellers from diverse cultures and backgrounds all over the world.

Type of Accommodation for a good night’s sleep

The Post Hostel has several accommodation options for travellers of all budgets. They have something for everyone. With a wide range of different kinds of rooms, you will always find something that suits your liking and budget in the Post hostel. The rooms of the hostel have been designed to be airy and comfortable, keeping the concept of openness of space in mind and are designed to suit age preferences as well to make the guests feel as close to home as possible.


Events and tours at the Post Hostel

The Post hostel not only offers top quality accommodation for travellers from across the world but also, bring the local culture to them by way of various events. They make their guests feel welcome by introducing them the local culture in the unique and exciting ways. They share the side of Jerusalem only known to locals, the rich culture, food and traditions which make a fantastic blend. You can take a cooking class and learn to make hummus or take a bear and relax by the sound of local musicians and band. You can also read your favourite book in their comfortable lounge area or enjoy a meal with your friends from the hostel’s kitchen. Jerusalem is a city which is rich in culture and offers the dynamics of cultural sites, folklore and a variety of food and scents. To enjoy Jerusalem locally, have one of their local tours of the city to get the real taste of Jerusalem and get to know the city from inside.

Their Building

The Post Hostel has one of the premier locations of Jerusalem- the Central Post Office. It was built from 1934 to 1938 and was designed by the British mandate’s department of public works. It is a unique architectural monument as it is the perfect amalgam of both the traditional Jerusalem as well as the International design.  Previously home to the official Telephone and City’s post office company of Jerusalem, the Telephone & Telephone, and the city’s post office serves as the central post office to this day. The exterior of the building is the perfect reflection of the rich history and culture of the city and include seven arches which are along the main entrance of the building. Writings in Arabic, English and Hebrew can be easily seen on the arches which are along the main entrance detailing the architecture of the building. For the construction of The Post Hostel, the building’s original architecture was kept intact to preserve the historical importance of the place. So, spending time the Post Hostel will make you travel back in time and relive those times of fantastic architecture and history. For Art lovers, the stay at the Post Hostel will surely be a memorable one!




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