קטגוריה: כתבות

Israel accuses Iran of firing 20 rockets at Golan Heights

Israel has accused Syria-based Iranian forces of firing 20 rockets at Israeli military bases in the Golan Heights on Wednesday (9, local time Thursday). There is no information about the dead. According to the Israeli Army, the damage was "limited". In response, Israel carried out a major military operation and bombed several Iranian bases in Syria. "I hope they have […]

Israel bombs Iranian targets in Syria in response to Tehran attack

The Israeli government announced on Thursday that it bombed dozens of Iranian targets in Syria in retaliation for Tehran rocket fire against Israel-controlled territory in  the Golan Heights . The night attacks killed at least 23 fighters (5 Syrian soldiers and 18 members of the regime's allied forces), according to the UK-based NGO Observatory for Human Rights. The missiles hit […]

Someone is using misinformation to put Israel against Russia, says analyst

Military expert Oleg Glazunov, in an interview with the Russian service of Radio Sputnik, suggests where this information may have come from. The Aerospace Force of Russia not involved in the interception of Israeli warplanes, said the Russian Defense Ministry, noting that the Su-34 bombers are not used to intercept air targets. Moreover, they do not carry out […]