Military expert Oleg Glazunov, in an interview with the Russian service of Radio Sputnik, suggests where this information may have come from.

The Aerospace Force of Russia not involved in the interception of Israeli warplanes, said the Russian Defense Ministry, noting that the Su-34 bombers are not used to intercept air targets. Moreover, they do not carry out missions in Lebanon's airspace.

Israel agrees to the presence of Syrian troops near its borders with a

Earlier, some media, referring to the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel , reported that Russian aircraft would have participated in maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea and would have entered Lebanon's airspace because of bad weather.Russian military expert Oleg Glazunov, in an interview with the Russian service of Radio Sputnik , expressed his opinion on these publications.

Netanyahu has arrived in Moscow, we have agreements with Israel and Syria. There are those who do not like that we have been able to reach an agreement, and of having friendly relations with Israel – that is why they aggravate the situation in such a way, trying to make us angry, but they will not be able to do so. they know we have kept our word, so that will not happen, "said Oleg Glazunov.

Is Israel trying to hide from Turkey 'improved capabilities' of the F-35?

Israeli aviation regularly attacks Syria from Lebanon's airspace. In particular, in early May, in response to a missile attack, the Israeli Air Force reported having attacked dozens of targets allegedly belonging to Iran in Syria and anti-aircraft bombs. The official representative of Israel stated that the Russian authorities had been informed prior to these bombings.

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