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Chaim-Ber Leibovich Zekhnovicher.
Chaim-Ber Leibovich
Zekhnovicher, born in 1911.
Killed with his family in 1941.

The town of Gorky is located not far from Orsha. Next to a botanical garden there was a gym with a football and volleyball field, which L. Shevelev used to frequent. Among his friends there was Yakov Simkin, Zhorzhik Isakov and a local beauty Krasikova.

Shevelev originated from a family which was highly respected in town. They lived in Mstislavskaya street.

The parents' house was a household, which consisted of two houses, a horse stable, a hayloft, a cowshed, barns, a chicken coop and a piggery.

L. Shevelev's grandfather Leiba Zekhnerovich, was fond of growing fruit trees. Grandmother Hana-Haya controlled the household.

There is also information about the relatives. Let's start with the children/

The family of Zekhnovichers.
The family of Zekhnovichers.
Great grandparents with their 9 children,
their wives and husbands. Photo made in 1925.

Sons: Benia, born approximately in 1895;

Chaim-Ber, born approximately in 1902;

Meyer (Miron), born in 1908;

Gessel, born approximately in 1910 – at the age of 17 he was killed in Maryina Gorka where he was studying.

Daughters: Ida, born approximately in 1898;

Galia, born approximately in 1900;

Luba, born approximately in 1903;

Kreina, born approximately in 1901;

Berta, born in 1906.

Grandmother really loved her grandchildren. During summer holidays about seven-eight children aged 6 – 12, arrived at their house. Guests arrived from Smolensk, Leningrad and other places.

This group of youngsters arrived in June. Three days after the war began children from Smolensk came to the grandmother's house but left two days later. Fate brought them to Talitsa, Sverdlovsk region.

Many of the relatives were killed. After the war Lipa and Miron went to Gorky. When they returned they were really upset. Lipa told me about what had happened in Gorky but soon it was so difficult for him to describe that we changed the subject, never to come back to it again.

Hana Zekhnovicher's grave at the Jewish cemetery in Gorky.
Hana Zekhnovicher's grave at the Jewish cemetery in Gorky.

Relatives shot in Gorky:

Benyamin Kudriavitsky, Hana-Haya's brother;

Chaim-Ber, his wife Musia, children Frida and Leva, Ida, her husband Matvey.

Benia died in Leningrad during the blockade.

Yefim Arkadievich Khazan,
used to work in Yaroslavl as a surgeon.
He spent his last years in Canada.

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